Sony Unveils PS5 logo and PS4

The PS4 is still massive.

Though many people expected the PlayStation brand to be a bigger part of Sony’s CES 2020 presentation. Sony stuck to showing off a few key PlayStation 4 (PS4) stats before revealing the new logo for the upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5). 

The numbers for the PS4 are extremely impressive, making it clear Sony dominated this generation’s console sales and active users.

Here is how all of those numbers were broken down on stage. 

  • PS4 has sold 106 million lifetime units.
  • PS4 has sold 1.15 billion games through retailers and the digital marketplace.
  • PSVR has sold 5 million units.
  • There are 103 million active users on PlayStation. 
  • There are 38.8 million users subscribed to PS Plus. 

During 2019, the PS4 surpassed the original PlayStation to become the second best-selling console of all time. And now only sits behind the PS2 in terms of lifetime sales. 

With the PSVR hitting the 5 million units mark. It is one of the most successful ventures into the VR space yet. According to sales tracking site Statista, PSVR has slowly been growing its user base and has outsold its competitors in each of the last three years. But still trails Oculus in terms of total units sold. 

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As for the PS5, there was no sign of a console reveal or even new specs during the presentation. All we got was a basic recap of some of the hardware being included in the next-gen machine along with a few features that we already knew about.

We did finally see the new logo that Sony will be using for branding once the console launches, however.

The only difference between the PS4 and PS5 logos is the obvious number swap at the end not much. There will likely be a few new animations that implement the different shape of that five at the end. But we won’t see that until the first promotions drop later this year. 

Overall, it wasn’t what most of the gaming viewers wanted to see, but it was a chance for Sony to puff out its chest and show off some numbers to people who might not be paying attention to the gaming world.