Guardian XO Makes you 20 times stronger

Imagine lifting 100 pounds as though it were only five. That’s the promise of the Guardian XO, a wearable exoskeleton robot that helps you lift heavy objects without straining or injuring your body. Bonus? It looks like a super cool powered exoskeleton from science fiction.

Superhuman strength is now possible for us mere mortals.

Designed for military applications and industries like construction that require a lot of manual labor. The Guardian XO from Sarcos Robotics has been in development for 20 years. The first alpha models will roll out in January to the US military and some industry customers, with commercial units shipping in late 2020.

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The XO can run for up to eight hours at a time, thanks to hot-swappable batteries. With 24 degrees of freedom, you can move normally while wearing the suit. It doesn’t get in the way when you’re walking, lifting your arms above your head or crouching down.

Sarcos Robotics says this is the world’s first battery-powered robot that can help you safely lift up to 200 pounds (90 kg). At the company’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, where walking robots, powered prosthetics and exoskeletons line the hallways.

Can the Guardian XO Exoskeleton Save Your Back and Joints? 

The Guardian XO robotic exoskeleton from Sarcos merges man with machine. Gives the person inside super-human strength and reducing wear and tear on the body.