When will Teamfight Tactics be released on mobile?

Teamfight Tactics has proven to be a roaring success since its release in June. Bringing in millions of players and helping to boost the autobattler genre.

Riot has beaten Valve to the mark once again and attracted a wide audience, dwarfing that of both Dota Underlords and Auto Chess.

Its PC version has already had multiple tournaments and been featured at the annual League of Legends all-stars event. But now, Riot is hoping to expand TFT even further, and bring the game to the mobile platform.

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It’s the perfect game mode for the small screen. And it was only a matter of time before Riot followed suit with Valve and Drodo Studio.

TFT mobile was first announced at Riot’s 10th anniversary event.

And will have all the fundamentals of the game fans know and love from PC, but with the accessibility of iOS and Android. So when will it be released?

Set three and TFT mobile are expected to be released in March 2020. The specific dates are yet to be revealed, though further details will be announced shortly.

Source: Dot Esports