Former Pro Counter Strike player

Former professional Counter-Strike player Shayene “shAy” Victorio is sentenced to 116 Years in prison over an alleged misunderstanding.

Shayene “shAy” Victorio made her claim to fame playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Brazil. And is recognized by the country as a pioneer of the game. But she retired back in 2019 and has since directed her focus on being a streamer and influencer. Having 30k followers on Twitch and 87k on Instagram.

However, Victorio ran an online store for four years starting in 2013. And 118 of her customers have reported receiving none of the items they’ve purchased to the Public Ministry of the State of Sao Paulo (MPSP).

As a result, Victorio has been charged with fraud and served a 116-year prison sentence.

Because of Brazil’s laws, though, Victorio will have a chance to appeal her sentence, and as such, has not been arrested or placed in police custody.

Victorio has since taken to Instagram to clarify the situation to her fans and to assure them that it will not escalate any further. She is not a fugitive or in hiding. She does regular broadcasts, and many in the CSGO community will attest to her integrity as she fights the sentence.

shAy” claims that she ran the store with her ex-husband at the time. And he is to blame for the missing items. She also states that her ex-husband has taken 100% of the responsibility for the crime.

According to the Brazilian site UOL (who received the information from AFK Gaming), Victorio’s lawyer issued a statement on her behalf. Insisting that this error stems from the business administration and that the company otherwise made over 10,000 other successful sales and deliveries.

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Shayene Victorio
Former Pro Counter Strike Player

He goes on to reiterate that Victorio’s team will fight this sentence. Which they consider “inhuman,” and defamatory, as multiple individuals have taken to creating fake pages to launch attacks on the Twitch streamer’s character.

Whats Victorio Situation?

Victorio currently finds herself in the process of appeals. However, even if she loses all of them, she will not serve the full 116-year sentence. As Brazilian law dictates that an individual can only serve a maximum prison sentence of 30 years. Regardless of the crime or the original time-frame.

While thirty years may not be ideal, it’s better than what Victorio faces. However, if all goes well for her, she should serve no time at all. As for the missing items, Victorio also received a fine. How much remains unseen, but pending how her case turns out, she won’t have to pay that either. Her ex-husband will have to provide the money instead.