James Cameron Released Avatar Concept Art

It’s been more than a decade since James Cameron’s Avatar wowed the senses of moviegoers around the world. And turned in the biggest box office performance in history at the time.

Still, despite the fact that 10 years have already flown by, we’re still almost two years away from the release of the long-awaited Avatar sequel.

Which Cameron has been talking about for quite a while. Avatar 2, the first of four planned sequels, hits theaters in December 2021. So it’s quite a long way off, but fans now have the first look at the upcoming movie.

On Monday night, during Daimler’s keynote presentation at CES. Mercedes-Benz revealed a concept for a car that was inspired by the world of Avatar.

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The strange automobile, which is likely still years and years away from actually existing, was certainly meant to be the focus of the presentation. But movie fans got excited about what Cameron shared from the stage.

He revealed the first concept art from Avatar 2, focusing on the parts of Pandora that we didn’t get to see in the first movie.

The four new pieces of concept art show off different parts of the planet of Pandora.

Two of them explore the lush islands in the middle of the sea.

One shows the night sky lit by several moons.

And another features a floating set of isles and some never-before-seen water-dwelling creatures.

Rather than shooting just one film at a time, several of the Avatar sequels were all produced back to back. And they will be released by Disney on alternating years beginning in 2021.

“We’re well into production. We’ve completed our performance capture with Sam [Worthington] and Zoe [Saldana] and Stephen Lang and Cliff Curtis and Sigourney Weaver and a great group of young kids.

We’ve been capturing not just on a stage but in a 500,000 gallon water tank, below the water, above the water. Jim [Cameron] has written into the scripts all of the stuff that people would expect from an Avatar sequel. A story that completes itself, an emotional journey in a world like you’ve never seen.”

Said Landau

Source: Comic Book